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An exceptionally bright flare from SGR 1806−20 and the origins of short-duration big gamma-ray bursts

Nature 434, 1098-1103 (28 April 2005) | doi: 10.1038/nature03519 K. Hurley1, S. E. Boggs1,2, D. M. Smith3, R. C. Duncan4, R. Lin1, A. Zoglauer1, S. Krucker1, G. Hurford1, H. Hudson1, C. Wigger5, W. Hajdas5, C. Thompson6, I. Mitrofanov7, A. Sanin7, W. Boynton8, C. Fellows8, A. von Kienlin9, G. Lichti9, A. Rau9 and T. Cline10

For More Information: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v434/n7037/abs/nature03519.html

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