Gamma Ray Spectrometer - 2001 Mars Odyssey Lunar and Planetary Lab The University of Arizona

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GRS Team

University of Arizona

Current Members
William Boynton, Principal Investigator
Eva McDonough, Computer Database Specialist, Sr.
Heather Enos, Project Manager
Chuck Fellows, Systems Engineer
Mike Fitzgibbon, Systems Programmer, Principal
Dave Hamara, Lead Electronics Engineer, Data Analyst
Karl Harshman, Lead Software Engineer
Ann Sprague, Planetary Scientist

Graduate Students
Suniti Karunatillake

Undergraduate Students

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Rick Elphic
William Feldman, Principal Investigator
Olivia Gasnault
David Lawrence
Tom Prettyman

The HEND science team is listed here.

Science Team
James Arnold
Johannes Brueckner
Kate Crombie
Darrell Drake
Claude d'Uston
Peter Englert
Larry Evans
Kevin Hurley
Albert Metzger
Igor Mitrofanov
Robert Reedy
Steve Squyres
Richard Starr
G. Jeffrey Taylor
Jack Trombka
Heinrich Waenke

Past Members
DJ Arguello
Joe Astier
Hop Bailey
Matt Chamberlain
Ryan Coors
Glinda Davidson
Aaron Evers
Jim Hambleton
Dolores Hill
Nora Kelly
Therese Lane
Bob Marcialis
Guy McArthur
Loretta McKibben
Irina Mikheeva
Carroll Oquest
Andrea Patzer
Rick Schmidt
Andrew Shinohara
Chris Shinohara
Mark Story
David Tobias
Carl Turner
Michael Ward
Remo Williams
Kris Kerry
Erik Timmermann
Mike Williams
Pam Larrow
Buck Janes
Michael Finch
Clayton Badeaux
Devin Harshman
Andy Kachur
John Keller
Sanlyn Buxner

We would like to recognize the following vendors for the contributions to the GRS:

Swales Aerospace
5050 Powder Mill Rd
Beltsville, MD 20705
Swales was subcontracted to provide the anneal and bracket system for the gamma subsystem.

Arthur D. Little
Acorn Park
Cambridge, MA 02140
Arthur D. Little was subcontracted to provide thepassive radiative cooler.

Eurisys Mesures
Cedex, FranceEurisys Mesures was subcontracted to provide the gemanium detector.

Jackson & Tull
Seabrook, MD 20706
Jackson and Tull was subcontracted to provide electronic board layout and fabrication.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Laboratory For High Energy Astrophysics
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Subcontracted to provide flight electronics.

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